MIGI Rapper Type ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator)
Source of information:KC Cottrell(China) Co., Ltd.    Release time:2015-05-29

  Direct high voltage is applied to create corona discharge to charge particles suspended in the gas and collect them through electrostatic attraction, those charged dust particles are isolated from flue gas and be removed by vibration of tumbling hammer unit.




  -- High collecting efficiency (≥99.9%)
  -- Electrostatic attraction produces charged particles, the system specializes in low resistance and low power consumption
  -- Perfect gas flow with double baffle collecting electrode   (  )
  -- for MIGI rapper, rapping strength can be adjusted easily
  -- Rapping unit is isolated from flue gas, which increases space utilization, and on-line inspection is available
  -- Avoiding dew and creepage of insulator effectively by adopting insulator heating & purge system
  -- Decreasing space requirement on length of field without moving parts inside electric fields
  -- Uniform gas distribution is guaranteed by numerical simulation for gas distribution base on CFD technology.
  -- Computer intelligent control and central monitoring system, easy operation
  -- Small section power supply make parameter of power supply is more suitable for property of dust









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