Water Treatment System

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Water Treatment System
Source of information:KC Cottrell(China) Co., Ltd.    Release time:2015-05-29

  Circulation Water Treatment System for Steel Mill
  Closed circulating cooling is combined with open circulating cooling to form water treatment system which constitutes seven subsystems of crystallizer cooling water, continuous caster cooling water, refining furnace cooling water, steel making auxiliary cooling water, air conditioning cooling water and slab cooling, one set of full automatic slurry treatment system and thirteen sets of automatic dosing systems.

  -- System monitor is combined with full automatic control system.
  -- Effective slurry control system without secondary pollution.
  -- Dose of encrustation-resistant agent, inhibitor and germicide are decided by dynamic analogy test and automatic dose totally.
  -- Advanced water discharging process with full automatic control program.
  -- Stable operation by using advanced cleaning system and pre-analogy treatment program.








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